Solar Energy The largest source of Electricity in The future

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Solar Energy The largest source of Electricity in The future

[nextpage title=”Next” ]The Solar Energy may become one of the world’s largest sources of Electricity by 2050, and it will be better than fossil fuels, wind, hydro and nuclear power.

according to two reports issued by the International Energy Agency (IEA), The two reports indicate that the photovoltaic solar system (PV) can generate up to 16% of the world’s electricity by 2050, While the solar thermal (STE) generated by the CSP can provide an additional 11% of electricity.

By combining these two solar technologies, it may be possible to prevent the emission of more than 6 billion tons of carbon dioxide annually by 2050 – more than direct emissions from the transport sector in the worldwide today.

The International Energy Agency (IEA)

According to the Executive Director of the International Energy Agency (IEA), the rapid decline in the cost of photovoltaic units and their systems over the past few years has opened up new opportunities for the use of solar energy as a major source of electricity in the coming years and decades.

Requires substantial funding, and the implementation of the plan contained in the reports requires a reduction in the cost of capital. The Executive Director also stressed that the reports were not just expectations, as were other IEA technology schemes, as the current plan details the objectives to be achieved by 2050 if technology is improved.

and the necessary work procedures To achieve this vision, as well as highlight the priority actions and basic stages that governments, research and industry should follow to reach the goal.

The consumers and The investors

The proposed plan recognizes that there must be clear, honest and integrated indicators among political decision makers. These indicators can give investors confidence and reduce the risks they may face.

If these indicators are not available, investors will end up paying large amounts for their investments and Consumers will also pay more for their energy, and in this case these projects will not be finished. [/nextpage]


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From 2013 until now To the future

The documents indicate that the two technologies complement each other to achieve the desired goal. If 137 GW plants are installed around the world at the end of 2013 and adding up to 100 megawatts per day, the enormous costs of electricity generation will decrease.

(PV) is much faster than solar thermal power (STE). The scenario described in the report shows that most of the growth in solar power will come from photovoltaic (PV) energy by 2030, The picture will change PV power generation will be between 5% and 15% annually, and will lose value in wholesale markets.

At this stage, the spread of solar thermal power (STE) will begin on a large scale thanks to concentrated solar power plants integrated into thermal reservoirs, Peak times (afternoon and evening), so solar thermal works to supplement the work of PV power.

Photovoltaic cells

Currently, photovoltaic power is expanding all over the world, especially in China, which is currently the leading country in this field, followed by the United States.

More than half of the total energy generated from this technology reaches the final consumer Shopping centers or factories, “while solar thermal technology is expected to be deployed in very sunny and clear-sky regions, such as Africa, India and the Middle East.

The report’s plan provides an overview of how solar power generators are distributed based on the results of updated models that comply with the International Energy Agency’s Energy Technology Plan 2014 and the Green Renewable Energy Scenario.

Each report also presents a set of key actions for policy makers To be followed over the next five years. These include: developing or updating long-term goals, developing simplified procedures to provide permits and approvals, facilitating linkage and communication, and implementing pay schemes that reflect the true value of energies. [/nextpage]


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