Speedy Urine Test Report Direct To Smart Phone Via Application

Researchers in Korea have been able to design a new wireless sensor and a phone application which can detect the speed of urine drop per second. The prototype of this device has been made on a low budget and simple architectural design.

It is so simple that people can even wear it as a bracelet. The sensor is said to have good sensitivity to amphetamine application even to the slightest amount of it and is able to detect false positive reports of it. As per the technologists, the device will only cast nearly fifty dollars to manufacture.

The scientists have published their report in the 28th September edition of the journal Chem.

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Conventional technique and the new sensor

When asked about the differences between conventional drug detection technique and their new sensor, Joon Hak Ok, the co-author of the report explained it beautifully. He is the head of organic electronics laboratory of the Pohang University of Science and Technology.

He said that the conventional technology of drug detection uses a complex experimental procedure. This is as lengthy as well as expensive and needs highly trained personals. Above all the equipment needed for this process are not portable at all. On the other hand, the newly developed sensor device is better in every way. It is portable and least expensive and doesn’t require much time.

The researchers have performed the test by adding amphetamine to the urine sample and the evaluation of the test results are transferred via Bluetooth to the smartphone application from the sensor directly.

Though the proximity of getting false positive result cannot be ruled out totally yet, the overall design of the system is claimed to be accurate to the scientists. It only has to be tested in more clinical set up for commercial use. The technologists are now trying to do this besides giving the sensor a beautiful bracelet design.

And the result is

As per the reports of Ilha Hwang a researcher and senior scientist of Kimoon Kim Laboratory this invention can pave a new path of spot testing of amphetamines in urine. As a result, criminal activities can be checked more promptly. He is a technologist related to this research.

He was particularly interested in this project as he found out the random and improper usage of amphetamine by people. Kim added to this report that this is also opening a new horizon of organic electronics to the world.

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