The Sphinx Would Die Soon

The melting of snow patches

Iain Cameron, a snow scientist, and researcher, who also works with his team of snow patches in finding and observing old snow patches, declared the fate of the Sphinx.

Working in Edinburgh, the snow patcher has observed the Sphinx, which is one of the oldest snow patches in the Aonach Beag Mountain range. This mountain range is in Scotland, and the snow patch lies below a 1000 ft cliff of the mountain.

The melting of snow patches

Once more, blaming the ongoing phenomenon of global warming, it has been observed and realized that snow patches are disappearing fast. Many of the patches of snow, which were a part of nature from ancient times, are disappearing due to the rising global temperatures affecting even these coldest zones on earth.

There were 100 snow patches once in the Aonach Beag Mountain range, and these 100 patches normally formed in the winters and survived till spring. Some patches made it till the summers too a few years back.

But over the years, this scenario has changed fast, and drastically. Last year only 82 patches remained to see the next season. And this year it’s really sad and alarming to declare that only 2 patches will see the sun rays again.

Through the last 11 years, it never happened that Scotland’s highest mountain range would go snow-less. But, quite alarming is the revelation of the fact that this year Ben Nevis would probably go snow-less.

The Sphinx

The Sphinx is still one of the most important, big, and oldest snow patches in Scotland. It can be located at the Cairngorms, at the higher altitudes of Garbh Choire Mor. It has immense importance for being the oldest and snow patch, which stayed there in the mountain range, and every year covered the ranges in white.

It’s estimated that the Sphinx will not see the next season or sun rays, just because it’s already too warm for it to survive until that time.

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It’s once again a call to action for the human race to be aware and do something seriously to protect the earth’s nature, environment, climate, and life. If the disappearing snow patches in Scotland’s mountains are still not a red alert, then sadly man would have to live up to more alarming changes and devastations ahead.

Global warming is a global threat to life on earth, and the sooner man changes ways and habits to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, the better.

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