Strange Similarities between Jupiter and Earth images

Fascinating images of the pole of the planet Jupiter taken by Juno reveals mysterious Jupiter characteristics. The planet’s south pole was photographed by the spacecraft. Fascinating similarities with earth has been identified by the pictures.

The photograph

The photograph taken by Juno is a shot of the Jupiter’s South pole. The colors in the original picture were enhanced by researchers to show a better picture of the detailing. The discovery was really interesting. The picture shows ripples of vortices and swirls through the surface or atmosphere of the giant planet. By the way, Jupiter is the biggest planet of the solar system and 1300 times bigger than Earth.

Now, coming to the point that why these swirls and vortices are fascinating. That’s because when compared to a picture of the ocean currents and vortices in the waters of Earth, strange similarities were found. The image was made by joint satellite and surface data synthesis and showed vortices and swirls in the oceans in exactly same way.

The differences between the situations on Earth and Jupiter


Though the patterns look similar, there are some big differences due to the reality of the situations. They are:

  • The picture of Jupiter is a real photograph while that of Earth is not a photo but a calculated imagery based data and recordings.
  • Earth is 1300 times smaller than Jupiter.
  • Earth is solid while Jupiter is made of Hydrogen and Helium gas. We still don’t know the core of Jupiter.
  • Earth has water, white clouds in the form of white clouds and black belts are made of ammonium compounds in Jupiter.
  • The swirls and vortices are made on the water in Earth, while they are made in the gassy atmosphere of Jupiter.

These factual differences with the identical similarities in the pattern have created a strange and interesting illusion. Juno still is heading to find out what is there in Jupiter, in the core, and on the surface. And scientists here at Earth are trying to find out more about the strange phenomenon in the atmosphere of the planet. They are comparing the images of the North and South poles.

The gaseous planet has very different conditions in the atmosphere at the north and south poles. The north pole is more turbulent with storms and jets of winds. Also, the north appears bluish because of ammonia ice clouds. More information will be available with more pictures of the planet sent via Juno.

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