How Sugar Affects Your Health

Now, there is a declining in food value due to massive amounts of sugar and preservatives. That is threatens our health and lives, but companies ignore that to achieve some massive earnings.

The most important thing for them to find ways to make food production cheaper and faster. The excessive sugar in products threatens our lives.

Sugar We Eat Nowadays

The amount present in food nowadays is worrying because recent medical studies discovered very real dangers of regularly consuming table sugar.

Sugars and high fructose corn syrup are present in pancake mixes, chocolate, candies, cured meats, potato snacks, cupcakes, marshmallows and almost any other food or beverage that you can think of.

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Dangers of excess sugar

Heart failure

– Sugar, according to studies, affects the involuntary muscle activity of the heart. G6P is a molecule  which exists in ordinary table sugar has a negative impact on the heart tissue at the cellular level.
So, Excess consumption of sugar can increase the risk of developing heart failure. Heart failure often ends people’s lives before it is diagnosed.


– Scientists found that it  increases obesity rates in teenagers and small children. One of the major causes is an increase in the consumption of fructose. Fructose is a cheap form of sugar present in soda, ice cream, cookies as well as bread products.

Fructose boosts the growth of visceral fat or the fat found in our abdomen, franks, and buttocks. When a child drinks it so much he develops mature visceral fat early in life and this causes a higher risk of being obese in adulthood.

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Loss of Appetite

Studies show that sugar has found to develop the leptin resistance. This resistance suspends the natural mechanisms in our bodies which tell us when to stop eating.

When a child has leptin resistance, they feel hungry with moderate amounts of food, so they continue eating excessive amounts of food every time they eat.

It’s difficult for the body to send a signal that you already consumed a lot of calories from soda or juices because this substance, just doesn’t register the same way as other types of food.

4- Liver disorders

– Excessive consumption of table type and other kinds like high fructose can disturb normal liver function, which may lead to liver disease.

Medical researchers have discovered that fructose and other sugars make use of the same metabolic channels that ethanol uses, which makes it just as dangerous as alcohol.

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