The Super Clock Is Ready As The Most Accurate Clock In The World

The Most Accurate Clock In The World

The most accurate clock in the world is powered by laser and quantum gas and is made by the physicists of JILA. JILA is an institution which combines the talented physicists of the National Institute of Standard and Technology, and the University of Colorado Boulder.

And the super clock they have made, which is the most accurate clock in the universe, has only 3.5 parts of error in a huge amount of 10 quintillions. This is a huge success! They claim the clock to be so accurate, that it would not gain or lose time in any way till the universe lasts.

What is the clock called?

The clock has been named “A Fermi degenerate three-dimensional optical lattice clock”, and has been discussed in detail in the world popular and famous journal Science. The clock still does not have a formal nickname, but can be referred to as the laser and quantum gas clock.

The engineering

The engineering of the clock is one of the strangers that you will never imagine unless told. It’s made of strontium atoms in a 3D cube structure, which gets bathed in laser rays to generate the accurate time.

This design has been the modified and proved version of the earlier design of the clock containing a column of strontium atoms instead of the cube.

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The old model has been improved to bring out the new model, which is faster by 20 times and even more in reaching the measurement. In 10 quintillion the error would only be 3.5 parts.

A clock can play a vital role in telling the altitudinal differences in a region because of the fact discovered by Einstein that time slows down when the gravity increases. Even the mystery of dark matters and forces which are controlled and interactional under gravity only may be debugged and revealed.

When and how you can wear the clock

The clock is already designed and tested to give you the best of accuracy in time, and never catch the lag, and also solve mysteries of the universe too. But it still is getting ready to get its jacket for meeting the common man.

The clock must get designed the best way for commercial availability. Hence, it’s still waiting to get designed.

The best news is that the technology has been tested, and the clock measures time against all-time lags, and other resisting factors, and is by far the best and most accurate time measuring device of the world.

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