Swimming Pool Waters Tastes Sweeter Due To Urine

The Reason Behind The Sweet Pool Water

A very interesting revelation about the chemically tested waters from various US swimming pools tells how the water tastes sweet.

When synthetic and artificial sweeteners are consumed, they do not get metabolized in the body, and rather comes out with urine in unchanged form.

And the incidents of pool water contamination by urine is nothing new, and still, continues after repeated efforts of educating swimming pool users.

Hence, it’s not unlikely that the sweet urine sweetened by artificial sweeteners is the reason behind the sweet pool water too.

Presence of Acesulfame-K

Chemical tests were done on more than 30 swimming pools. And all of them revealed high concentrations of the chemical acesulfame-K which is found in artificial sweeteners.

The concentration is higher than that in tap water, and hence clearly indicates contamination of pool water by urine.

The side effects of the contamination

The side effects of the contamination may break havoc on pool users. The current tests reveal this concentration to be around 0.1% which is much lower than danger level.

But the problem occurs when the high amounts of organic carbon which is found in pool waters react with chemicals found in water disinfectants. Such reactions often create dangerous carcinogens and compounds.

The uric acid in urine reacts with other chemicals in the pool and especially reacts with the chlorine in pool water to form a compound called cyanogen chloride. This compound is used in wars as a chemical weapon.

And in high concentrations, this compound can be deadly.

But researchers tell that this compound is low in concentration and not an immediate threat unless chlorine concentrations increase in the pool water.

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Urine as the catalyst

Chemicals in the pool water do not impact the body and health vastly until the concentration of some deadly chemicals supersedes the threshold limit. There are more than 100 chemicals found in pool waters which are not healthy in high concentrations.

But the contemporary concentrations aren’t quite much a threat. But urine mixed in pool water is a threat.

Chemicals in the urine react with some organic compounds in pool water to form dangerous compounds. Again sometimes the urine components act as an organic reaction catalyst too in the making of unhealthy compounds.

Both ways urine is bad when mixed in pool water. Hence swimming pool regulations and public awareness programs highly recommend avoiding urinating in the pool. When the swimming pool water tastes sweeter due to urine, it’s a red alert for contamination.

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