Take A Look At Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes is a group of metabolic disorders and is commonly known as diabetes. It is characterized by high blood pressure level for long periods. As we know, our bodies break down the taken food into glucose, which is the major source of energy for body organs.

In the case of diabetes, glucose cannot be utilized by body cells and it remains in the blood stream. As the glucose accumulates in the blood stream, the level of blood pressure significantly rises.

The types of diabetes mellitus

There are two types of diabetes:

1- Type one

It is also called juvenile-onset and insulin dependent. In this type, the pancreas is unable to produce insulin (the hormone that transmits the glucose from the bloodstream to the body cells).

When the cells get glucose, it can produce the energy that needed for the person’s life. The scientists call it juvenile-onset because it is more common in children, however, the adults may suffer from this type.

It is treated by insulin injections at regular periods.

2- Type two

It is also known as non-insulin-dependent and is more common in adults. The patients’’ bodies produce enough amount of insulin hormone (and may be higher than normal) but the cells cannot utilize glucose properly.

It is characterized by insulin resistance.

Generally, it results from lifestyle and genetic factors as obesity, poor diet, low physical activity. Also, consumption of drinks that contain sweeteners increase the risk of type two diabetes.

How to manage diabetes?

There are many things help you manage this disease:

Get rid of smoking

Physical activity

Healthy diet

A good lifestyle

Keep cholesterol level near its normal level

Healthy body without excessive fat

Finally, regular using of prescribed medications


Frequent urination (polyuria), drinking (polydipsia) and eating (polyphagia)

Unexplained weight loss

Skin infections

Slow healing of wounds

Recurrent vaginal infections (in women)

Blurred vision

Tingling or numbness in the hands or feet



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