Take a look at the Future display on current Smartphone

2017 was a year of surprises because there are many innovative displays on modern Smartphone. It was a huge leap forward from 2016.

There are no major improvements on the display type, but you can spot some new style display on Smartphone. However, there might be some rumors on the future display technology including the next generation VR headsets.

Future displays for Smartphone

The P-OLED display is revolutionary for 2017. It is different from the conventional LED displays. A durable plastic substitute replaces the conventional fragile glass. So your future Smartphone can survive even a hard drop. The internal display will not crack easily. The manufactures will implement a hardened glass on top of the P-OLED display to make it more rigid.

3D sensing and under-display fingerprint reader

Apart from the P-OLED display, there is another invention of 3D sensing and under-display fingerprint scanners. Qualcomm was testing an under-display fingerprint scanner with an OEM. However, there was a rumor that Apple was testing an under-display fingerprint reader for the upcoming iPhones. It is very effective to have a future display Smartphone along with a hidden fingerprint scanner.

OLED displays are the future because it will not lights-up to show black. It is better than the traditional IPS display. It might take some time to see the under glass fingerprint scanner because it requires few years of development. Mobile displays are getting smarter by the inclusion of OLED, 4k resolution and eye-tracking and other prime features. It is very easy to bring curves on the OLED display.

Different types of display

Currently, there are different types of the display with the traditional 16:9 form factor. Most of the OEMs are using the existing one. However, there are modern displays with a new aspect ratio of 18:9 and 18.5:9. Apart from that, there are breathtaking curves on the sides, and bezel-less design makes it future ready. It looks quite distinctive than the traditional Smartphone due to the display.

  • Super AMOLED
  • IPS
  • LCD
  • TFT

What is the future of VR by using future display?

Nowadays, the FHD resolution is bumped-up by a great margin. You can see a QHD resolution display in a form factor of 5.2 inches. Sporting individual pixels by the naked eye is impossible. The QHD resolution also improves the VR experience and daydream fun for the future. You may expect eye tracking and controls in the modern display for the VR. Revolutionary 4k resolutions are the future display.

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