Technophobia: Impact of Technology on Psychology

Advancement in the field of technology is having an impact on the psychology of human beings. Rapid use of email, internet, social networking and mass storage seemed farfetched a few decades ago. However, the stark rise in technological advancement revolutionized the way in which human being conduct them.

Surveys on Human dependency on pen and paper

  • Online surveys have significantly brought down the dependency on pen and paper. Soft copies are easier to circulate and help in reaching a large number of people.
  • It is both fast and inexpensive, well suited to meet the requirements of a fast-growing population. These have a professional outlook and allow maintaining the large database.

Digital Revolution and its effect on human psychology

  • Today’s generation is essentially an inseparable part of rapid digitalization. Technology has upgraded the service provided by individuals by assisting them in generating a diverse quantity of data that was impossible to produce using manual means.

Protection of Sensitive Data

  • Although data sharing is a crucial part of scientific advancement, it is not a law that applies to psychology.
  • In order to safeguard the relevant data, scientists often need to overlook, ignore or deny access to data with the help of advanced technology.
Shaping the way individuals think
  • Technological introduction to life influences the malleable and developing brains of children. It makes them more imaginative and focused. It also strengthens their ability to scan information properly.
  • Whether a technological device will affect your child positively or negatively depends upon the way to them. The results may vary from conscious thought to synaptic activity.
  • Psychological studies have revealed that it influences the way individuals think and carry themselves. It develops attention span and improves decision-making ability. It also assists in developing learning ability and increases the memory of young children.

As technology takes over all aspects of an individual’s life, work, education, and leisure are increasingly becoming dependent on technology. With individuals choosing cyber-space rather than the face-to-face world, people are finding it hard to communicate and interact with people in real life.

Personal encounters are deliberately avoided as people are more comfortable when they are hidden behind a screen. The modern world of personal interaction doesn’t involve hugs, kisses or handshakes. Apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email and chat options are also executed easily. As more and more individuals turn to be a slave to technology, technophobia is the recent concern of psychologists at present.


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