Telepathy Is Real – Wake Up Your Mind Powers Now

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Telepathy Is Real - Wake Up Your Mind Powers Now

Every day, there is a new study about Mind to Mind Communication , proven that Telepathy is Real, but there is a lot of people still deny this ability, while science has proven it already.

If you believe in telepathy, then you have the ability to use this gift. let’s do the experiment.

Telepathy – Mind to Mind Communications

Telepathy is one of the most powerful psychic abilities. It is known as mind to mind communication, which are feelings exchanged between a sender and a receiver.

In order to properly transmit a message, you have to first believe wholeheartedly that it will work. After believing, and meditating for a few minutes, it then becomes really easy to transmit a message.

While some people think this can only be accomplished by a professional, it can in fact be done by even the most novice of personalities. It should be noted that not everyone will be successful at performing telepathy.

Requirements for Successful Telepathy Experiment

Believe in Telepathy

It is very important that both the sender and the receiver both believe telepathy is possible. Both partners should maintain open minds about this form of communication. The receiver and the sender should also desperately want telepathy to work. When partners are close minded, there tends to be very poor results.

Free your Physical Perception

One of the main requirements of telepathy is to separate yourself from your physical body. This allows you to focus on thought, and the message you are trying to send. 

So, you need to free your self from physical perception, free your self from tied closes, take off your headphone, your glasses, and every thing that might Distorting your perception.

This is also especially important for the receiver. If the receiver is bogged down in conversation or argument, he or she will not be able to accurately receive the message you wish to convey.

Do Some Exercises

Relax your mind, and focus better. Yoga is the best exercise routine to perform as it is both spiritual, and not that intense. Grab a soft mat, or lay on your floor. One of the most common yoga moves is to sit on your butt, with your eyes closed, as you raise your hands slowly.

Relaxation is very important in order to decouple different forms of energy. Close your eyes, while sitting upright in a chair. Focus on which thoughts are clearly in your mind.

Separate those from “static” buzzing around in your head. By separating these two forms of energy, you will be able to discern your own thoughts from possible outside interference.

Begin Your First Telepathy Experiment

Now after preparing for a successful experiment, you would want to start your first Experiment so let’s just start with few steps.

Choose Carefully

If you do not decide before you begin, you could wind up sending mixed messages to one another. The boundaries should be clearly established at the beginning. Choose someone who you know, and trust.

Then bring the one you have chosen, talk to him/her, explain what are you both goin to do, tell him/her his role as a receiver, help him/her do some exercises to relax then begin the experiment.

Sit Across From One Another

Sit across from one another in an upright position. Your bodies should be facing one another, and your eyes should be closed. Spend a few minutes clearing your mind, and settling into your position.

While telepathy can technically happen far away, it is best to start out up close and personal. It is also best to limit the amount of time you commit to one session, otherwise you could become mentally tired.

Visualize an Image of the Receiver

The sender should picture the receiver as clearly as possible (with their eyes closed). This should be as detailed as possible. Make details in your mind about the person’s eye color, weight, height, length of hair, personal quirks, etc.

If you are doing the transmitting from far away, feel as if the person is sitting right in front of you. If you are far away from the receiver, have a picture nearby to remind you of what they look like before you begin telepathy.


Connect your Mind to your Partner’s Mind

The sender should visualize in their mind a silver cord. This cord connects the minds of the receiver and the sender. The cord is full of energy and it will transmit the message you want to deliver.
It is important to focus your mind on the cord, and solely on the cord. You have to believe that the message will send through this cord, and that it is real in some way.

Imaging The Message You Want To Send

This could be an Image, A  pen, Apple, Ball, etc. You should visualize it in all its detail. What color is it, what is it used for, and where is it located? Another important aspect of this is to inject feeling into the object. How do you feel when you taste an apple? When you draw using colored pencils? Feeling and emotion will help carry your message much more efficiently and clearly.
After your mental image is charged up, direct it through the silver cord. You have to believe that the message will transfer through, and reach the receiver.
Push it through with all of your brain power. Feel the emotion of your mental image as it passes through. This may take up to 10 minutes in order for the message to get to the receiver.

If it takes too long, it may be that this transmission experiment has failed. If so, stop and meditate. Eventually come back and try the transmission again, using a different image.

Receiver’s Role

During the process of communicating a message via telepathy, the receiver should be concentrating on picking up signals. The receiver should also imagine the silver cord, and the energy that flows through it.

The receiver then writes down whatever comes to their mind. This could be a feeling, an image, or both. Every detail should be written down, or described.

Look at the receiver’s paper and check whether it is the message you tried to send. If it is, then you can go onto harder levels of telepathy. If not, do not immediately try again. Your mind needs to be rested and completely relaxed. Take time to meditate, and then try again with a different image.


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