The brutal face of Climate Change- a report from WHO

Climate change has paved the way for permanent changes to the Geological, Ecological as well as Biological systems of the earth.  These alterations have resulted in the evolution of many hazards to the environment as well as to the public health. As it comes up from a report published by The World Health Organization, more than 160,000 lives have been lost since 1950 as an outcome of these changes. Here are the key excerpts of the report.

Evolution of the extreme weather conditions

As suggested in the report by WHO, as consequences of Climate Change, the weather conditions have turned more extreme, even in those areas that previously used to record moderate climate. As an outcome of these changes, these areas are recording higher summer temperatures as well as colder winters and receiving more rain falls during the rainy season. These changes are taking a devastating toll on the farming activities, the lifestyle as well as business activities.

Infectious diseases are spreading globally at an alarming rate

The most frightening impact of Climate change lies in the mention of the fact that these days, infectious diseases are spreading globally at an alarming rate. These instances have just demolished the public health across the globe, adversely affecting the quality of lifestyle.

However, the challenge is not confined to the scopes of infections diseases only. As an outcome of Global warming, the Ozon layer covering the earth has been depleted that is making the way for more UV rays to hit the earth’s surface. This is triggering more skin diseases and even the rate of skin cancer victims have risen by a significant count.  Hence, it will be right to say that public health now stands vulnerable to the challenges of climate changes.

Stress to the Food-cultivation system

The changes in Climate have negatively affected the food-cultivation system as well. With drastic changes in the climatological aspects, food producers are finding it tough to produce the identical crops that they have been producing in the same region for generations. Likewise, it has affected the quality and the volume of the yield as well. Hence, the world is again heading towards a food crisis.

These instances have already gone to an alarming extent and hence, it deserves an instant fix for these issues. Efforts like Planting more trees, minimizing the use of chemicals and fillers as well as preserving water bodies will enable mankind to overcome these brutal effects.

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