The Earth Was Once A Frozen Ball Due To Coal

Fascinating studies reveal that our Earth was once probably a frozen ball, all covered in ice, and all white some 300 million years ago.1 min

The Earth Was Once A Frozen Ball

Fascinating studies reveal that our Earth was once probably a frozen ball, all covered in ice, and all white some 300 million years ago.

This fascinating study has been brought into the light by the Proceedings of the US Academy of Sciences. This state of earth was due to the hardcore process of formation of coal, which made the earth too cool to freeze.

It didn’t happen at once and was a result of a long process.

The earth experienced another period of global warming at the time which is marked as the Permian or Carboniferous period.

What happened during the Permian period

The carbon dioxide levels in that period when the coals were forming throughout the earth was quite high and estimated to be close to 1000 ppm (parts per million). This amount is just more than double the amount of CO2 we have now.

Due to excess level of CO2, the temperatures on earth got too high, and a climatic imbalance followed this. The earth was a big forest, as estimated now, and was full of swampy vegetation throughout.

Naturally, due to temperature, CO2 concentrations, and climatic imbalance greenery started perishing. Plants and trees died to form thick layers on the ground and then started rotting while absorbing the CO2 from the atmosphere.

Quite surprisingly, this was a self-correcting measure, which resulted in absorption of massive amounts of carbon dioxide from the air in the decomposition of the rotting plants and trees.


The CO2 levels fell drastically to lower the global temperature so much that the whole world was clad in ice and froze into a giant white ball.

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Rise of CO2 at present

This whole chapter tells us, why we should be worried once again, as the global temperatures are soaring high once again like that era. Already we have 410 ppm of CO2 in the air, which is an alarming level.

This should ideally be lower, and as per studies, this level should not go above 450. Or else, the earth will once again suffer from great climatic changes and imbalances affecting natural life on earth.

Why we are facing this issue

We are facing global warming simply because of the burning of fossil fuels like coal and petroleum. Once in the making of the coal reserves all the CO2, which was the cause of the then imbalance, got trapped.

Now once again due to man’s activities, the fuels are getting consistently and rapidly burnt, thus bringing back the trapped CO2 to the air. 3 ppm of CO2 rise every year is not a healthy trend which must be checked immediately to avoid devastation and another frozen earth.


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