The Most Common Fitness Mistakes

With all those fitness magazines and websites it’s easy to get confused. However, most practitioners agree that the 10 most common fitness mistakes are virtually universal. If you make any of them then change it so that you can see improvements.

You Do Not Drink Enough Water

Drinking water is the easiest and cheapest way to improve your health and with that many people still ignore the importance of drinking water.

Drinking enough water may seem difficult, but if you always carry a full bottle with you, it will be easier to stay hydrated throughout the day.

You Forget About Stretching

You are not doing well to your body when you forget to stretch. Stretching increases the flow of your blood and oxygen to the muscles being stretched which helps prevent injury. At least take about 5 minutes to stretch 5 minutes before starting your routine. Especially those muscles you’ll be working on.

You Make Too Many Abs

You have to know that your abdominal area is formed by a set of 4 muscles that must be worked. But if your diet is not appropriate then you will be able to fat that cover your abs.

You should train them like any other muscle. Exercising for the abdominal area 2 times a week is more than enough. If you really want to see the so-called squares then the change must be in your diet. You should avoid eating more calories than you need, and in turn, you should incorporate strength training and cardiovascular exercise.

You Become Obsessed With a Part of the Body

You may not like your arms or it’s suddenly your legs that do not look good in front of the mirror, but that does not mean you have to work them every day so you can be satisfied. The worst mistake you can make when training is to avoid other muscle groups because you think or think you should not work them or simply because you do not like to train them.

Do Not Train Your Legs

It is common to see how they “forget” to train their legs week after week for the simple fact that they do not wear shorts very often and they think that it is not so important to train them.
The legs have 70% of your muscles. By working these large muscles you stimulate the release of growth hormones which helps increase muscle mass throughout your body and not just the legs.

Stay In Your Comfort Zone

If you want to see results you have to leave your comfort zone and do it steadily. As we mentioned before your body adapts quickly to the exercises and if you settle you will not see your body progress and evolve. Change the machines you use, add intensity or increase weight. Do something and keep moving.


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