The Reported Cases Of Depression Contributes To The Actual Rise

Depression never was a rare phenomenon. It always was a predominant mental problem, which never got into the limelight so much, as it happened to come during the early 21st century.

Researchers expose the truth now that this mental problem had bugged the mental health of people earlier too in history, and still continues to bug in the modern day.

It’s only the spread of the news and experiences of sufferers across the globe through different media that have contributed to raising awareness about depression and other mental health issues.

Hence people think that this is a new problem, which is not actually true.



The contribution of the internet

The internet plays a big role in spreading stories of depression. The life and experiences of a person can become a global story and spread practically through the world by an internet blog post, or social media post.

People who never felt depressed may start feeling so after reading and knowing. People who felt depressed, but just could not give the problem a name, or identify it to be a mental health issue could start understanding what the problem is with them.

In this way, the reported cases of depression started to increase. Awareness increased and induced more people to be aware, or feel this problem for the first time. Thus a notion began that people are actually getting more depressed these days.

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How much truth is there in the fact that people are more depressed recently

Well, people really report more problems of depression after knowing that this is a problem which has a solution with many medical and non-medicinal treatments. Definitely, the stress and work-life imbalance of modern urban lifestyle have contributed to more cases of depression by keeping man distant from human values and emotions.

But such problems in other forms were still there in the past, where political upheavals, cultural and social problems, gender discrimination issues, war situations, torture houses, slavery issues etc, were more in the historic times. The only difference was, people suffering from mental health issue at that time couldn’t simply realize what they were going through, and had practically no help.

Depression at that time could have been countered with open discussion, and even in this modern day can be fought with open talk. All you have to do is see it as it is, and face it as a real problem that exists, and can be solved with the right treatment.

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