The Right Nap Duration Helps Perform Better

The ideal nap time for performing best

Napping more can slow down your system, say researchers, who have found out that a nap duration more than 20 minutes can make you perform low. Well, this is about training your body and mind to perform better , and sleep plays a vital role in this.

When you sleep, you are normally expected to sleep for some 6 to 8 hours as an adult for the body to perform better in all ways.

However, this much of sleep may not suffice when you want to perform with your full body and mind for some event. It may be a game, physical training, dancing, biking, or any such performance etc, which needs your full concentration and focus.

In that case, you can take help of a short sleep, called a nap. A nap often helps your body calm down, and gain essential strength and freshness to help you perform with great zeal. However, many people have wrong ideas about the ideal nap.

The ideal nap

The ideal nap time for performing best can be of two types.

One is a nap for 20 mins or even brief periods like 7 to 15 mins. If you take such a short nap, then you will be benefitted by immediate energy boost for improved physical functioning. And this effect will last for an hour to almost 3-4 hours.

Another type of nap you can take is for 40 mins. If you nap for more than 30 mins, and less than an hour, then this gives you a great boost in cognitive power for the following few hours. Hence you will be able to think better, play with logic and reasoning, and do mental jobs with more ease.

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Therefore, the nap duration will decide how good you would perform, and how fresh you would feel for the job. Mental jobs can be done great after a nap of 40 minutes.

For physical jobs, a nap of 20 mins will be good. You may take the short nap right before going for any vigorous exercise or workout session, and this will help you get more stamina.

What if you take a longer nap

Longer naps are also known as siesta. A siesta or long nap can actually leave you feeling more sleepy and groggy.

Your mind may yearn for more sleep, and you may not feel fresh to start working immediately after the nap. Moreover, longer naps invite in problems like insomnia or reduced sleep time at night.

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