The Smartphones with Best Technology

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The Smartphones with Best Technology

It is October and we finally have the complete picture of complete smartphones that will fight to be the best high-end handset of the year. The new Mate 10 and its Pro version joins the Galaxy S8 + and Note 8, the LG V30 and HTC U11, iPhone X and 8 Plus, the Xperia XZ Premium or the Google Pixel, without forgetting a powerful OnePlus 5 or always interesting Xiaomi.

The high-end and generally important terminals of all brands have assumed that the screen should be large to aid in the performance of all tasks, from communication to entertainment, we do with our smartphone. After a few years of large dimensions associated with large diagonals, this year, the absence of frames in almost all competitors makes having a good diagonal phone does not imply carrying a huge terminal in dimensions in the pocket.

Materials such as glass or metal as well as water resistance and certain continuity in the designs are what mark the appearance of these contenders. There are manufacturers who redouble efforts in this range, such as Huawei, Apple or Samsung, with models sufficiently different to even compete with each other.

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It’s not just about power

If we now take any of the contenders from this benchmark to perform a “real” test of usage experience, it is quite likely that it will be difficult to find differences in fluency or processing power.


Having the best processor on the market is no longer just a question of gross power or consumption

Where are the novelties and differences then? Well, mainly on how to use that power to improve specific aspects of the terminal, from the camera to the use of personal assistants. The highlight of this year’s processors is the entry of artificial intelligence and machine learning into the proposals.

If you look at the figures, except Apple playing in its own league, all terminals offer at least 4GB of RAM. As for the internal memory, no one gives you less than 64 GB, and even models like Huawei or Apple iPhone 8 and X, give you the possibility to get one with 256 GB internal memory.

To highlight the new Apple Bionic A11, which in our tests leads the leaderboard in gross power, but without forgetting the proposals of Samsung with its own Exynos, Huawei with the Kirin from home or the rest of Android looking for the latest from Qualcomm.

The double camera reigns, the price marks differences

If I had to bet on two critical values for me when it comes to valuing the purchase of a new smartphone, the camera, and the price would be the ones chosen. Regarding the models with Android, currently, only the Pixel and the new Mate 10 presented yesterday have an output of Android 8.0.

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