The Total Solar Eclipse Revealed Mysteries Of The Sun’s Corona

The total solar eclipse which let the moon cover the sun’s view from Earth revealed many interesting things about the sun’s corona.

In fact, cosmic scientists could observe and take interesting and important photographs of the sun’s corona for the first time with great accuracy. The pictures taken were to help understand the atmosphere of the sun.

They took all measures to take pictures of the corona. They used planes which continuously took pictures by staying more than 7 minutes on air. They used the latest apparatus and camera to achieve the best photographs for a better understanding.

Best time to take sun’s pictures


The best time to take the sun’s detailed pictures is during the eclipses when the sun’s glare is minimum. Many areas of the sun which cannot be perceived well can be understood better under such extraordinary conditions. This eclipse in 2017 brought great chances of inspecting the sun from the earth, and helped figure out the corona.

Findings about the sun’s corona


The corona consists of the thinnest layer of the sun’s atmosphere surrounding the star. It’s because of the distant spread and very thin nature of the corona, that it’s not visible to the eyes normally, and can’t be filmed or photographed. But during the solar eclipse, the sun’s rays illuminate the corona so nicely, that you can take its pictures. It actually appears as strands, coils, loops and filaments of gases around the sun.

The temperature of the corona is too high. In fact it is higher than the surface temperature of the sun. In fact such strong reactions continuously going on inside the sn, the corona is surprisingly the highest temperature layer of the sun.

Inspite of the turbulent conditions in the core and surface of the sun, the corona appears to be in an ordered pattern as filaments and coils wound around the sun. The gravitational pull from the sun also alters due to the strong complication motions between the intertwining lines of gravity, and yet the corona appears to be interestingly at a pace and rhythm with that.

The outcome

Once the mysteries of the corona are solved, many more things about the sun, its gravity, the reactions inside, the gases and their pull etc will be understood. This will give people a great insight of the star that is behind the lives of living beings on the planet.

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