Tips to remove water from the ear easily

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Tips to remove water from the ear easily

On occasion, we all have been through this, either by going to a pool or the beach and for some reason, water enters our ear.
It’s a really unpleasant feeling because we can not hear well and we feel a crushing buzz.

The most desperate thing about having water in your ear is how difficult it is to get it out. This situation becomes a complete odyssey to be able to eliminate all the residual water from our hearing orifices.

It may not bother us in the first place, but taking the water out of our ears is essential to avoid possible problems with hearing or infections

When should we go to the doctor for having water in the ears?

This is a very frequent condition, especially on summer days. Therefore, it is very important to know that if the water does not come out easily and is accompanied by any other symptom, it is convenient to go to the doctor in haste, so we will know what happens in our ears.

Symptoms you may have:

• A headache.
• Nausea.
• Dizziness.
Now, we present 4 tips to get the water out of your ears quickly.

1. Head side

You can do this from different ways

The first way is to put your head on your side and hit your neck with your hand, but you can also tap your other ear to make the water come out.
The second way is when the water is very deep and what you should do is jump with your head on your side. The pressure you exert when jumping will cause the water to be expelled.
If you need a little extra help with this, the best thing you can do is pull the earlobe so that the ear canal opens a little more so you can easily expel the water in either of the two ways.


2. Empty effect

It is very frequent that, when we get water in our ear, we get desperate and start hitting the opposite side of our head.
Although the technique can work, a more practical alternative is to put the palm of the hand on the ear that is affected and press to form a kind of vacuum that helps the water down the ear canal.
It is extremely important that the head is a little tilted and that you do not put too much pressure on you to avoid the deeper water.

3. Hair dryer

Using a hairdryer is perfect because that way you evaporate the water that is inside the ear.
It is suggested to turn it on at the minimum power and put it at a safe distance to avoid possible burns, it should be left for a few minutes.
This action will cause the water to be expelled by the wind generated by the dryer or to dry and evaporate thanks to the heat.

4. Sleeping on your side in bed

You only have to lie on the ear that is covered and let gravity do its job.
You can also tilt the head a little to make it parallel to the bed, therefore, the ear canal will be in a straight line and the water will go down.

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