Top 10 Nanotechnology Creations

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Top 10 Nanotechnology Creations

Nanotechnology has been progressing silently, and over the last few years, the great scientists in this area are making incredible applications for everyone in the world.

1. Augmented Reality Contact Lenses

Contact lenses have been developed to allow you to enjoy virtual reality just by wearing them. This can be considered as the future. In addition, it does not interfere in any way with vision, and the best thing is that it can be corrected and increase the sharpness of the vision in the real world.

2. Holographic Screens

A company called “Leia” has developed a screen that is capable of reproducing 3D images without the need for glasses. Customers who have had the pleasure of enjoying this have been quite impressed.

3. Water Treatment

A book known as The Drinkable Book has leaves that potable water. A book like this is able to supply water to a person up to 4 years. It is really surprising.

4. Food Conservation

Making use of nanotechnology has made strong plastics that allow conserving the food much better and for a longer time. There are even intelligent containers that have integrated sensors that can determine the state of the food.

5. Nanobatts

Using a 3D printer, several US researchers have designed a special battery. The capacity of charge and discharge of this battery is comparable with any other battery, but unlike this one, can be loaded multiple devices and its size is really small.


6. Ultra-Fast Charge Battery

A company called StoreDot has been responsible for creating a battery that can be charged in 60 seconds. Thanks to nanotechnology crystals the battery is able to recover its charge to 100% in just one minute. This system combines fast loading but is definitely superior to all that is known. Even the potential of this battery is so strong that it could be driven by electric vehicles.

7. Nanomaterial kills bacteria

It is something really new that is in the technology market that has been created with nanomaterials that can eliminate bacteria from almost any surface. Its use is totally external and guarantees 99% of the elimination of the bacteria.

8. Artificial Skin

It is already possible to have a new skin in those parts where once there was a mark or a scar. Some scientists have developed a nanomaterial that is a clear gel for the skin. It has been tested in several patients and the results have been surprising. It is able to cover wrinkles and also has other uses.

9. Nanosensors

These are being used mainly in the medical sector to measure glucose, cholesterol and other factors like cardiac attacks and even the prevention of it. This system has surpassed conventional systems and has become quite affordable.

10. Nanobots Drug Administrators

A group of researchers has developed nanobots that stop cancer cells and have proven their success by doing their tests on mice. In addition, it is less harmful than chemotherapies and has no side effects.

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