Toshiba’s New Fast-charging Battery Could Triple The Range Of Electric Cars

Toshiba claims 6-minute recharge for new electric-car battery cell

With the passage of time, electric cars are gaining rising popularity. This is indeed a gallant alternative to the cars that are powered by the conventional fuels as the electrically driven cars come more friendly to the atmosphere.

However, the challenge is in the range to which these cars can be driven on each charging.  This has been a concern among the manufacturers of these vehicles as well.

Fortunately, Toshiba comes up with a fast-charging automobile battery that holds the potential to triple the range to which electric-powered vehicles can be driven with each charging.

Toshiba addresses one of the key concerns held by the drivers of the electric-powered cars

For a substantial span of time, manufacturers of electric vehicles were brainstorming on maximizing the range that drivers can avail from a single charge. It is for this reason that innovative battery technologies are worked upon to play a crucial role in driving these adoptions.

Toshiba produces a battery that can be charged almost instantly and it will enable the drivers of Electric Cars to travel thrice the distance that they can travel. To the delight of the drivers of electric vehicles, the new battery will get completely charged within a few minutes.

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How is Toshiba approaching this paradigm shift?

Toshiba adopts the innovative Super Charge Ion Battery that has been prevailing in the industry since 2007. The prime objective of this battery technology is to recharge the battery to the extent of 90% of its capacity, in lesser than 5 minutes.

More importantly, this technology enhances the lifespan of the car battery, in addition to contributing to its safety. No wonder, this technology has already been adopted by leading companies like Honda and Mitsubishi.

The present version of the SCiB that are found in the Toshiba cars these days, utilize Lithium Titanium Oxide as the anode. However, the company holds a plan to develop a better alternative. For instance, the upcoming version of these batteries is about to utilize Titanium-Niobium Oxide as the anode.

After much of efforts, the company was able to arrange it into crystalline structures, capable of storing the Lithium Ions with more efficiency. Hence, it doubles the energy density.

Considering the points stated above, it will be right to say that it is a landmarking event in the domain of Electric driven cars. This will obviously address the concerns that the owners and operators of these cars held for long.

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