Watch Out! Sinus Infections Can Get To Your Brain

Sinusitis or sinus infection is an inflammation in paranasal air sinuses. It causes many manifested symptoms like plugging nose, fever, headaches and pain in the patient’s face. In rare cases there is a complication if it lasts for 4 weeks. However, it may be chronic and lasts for more than 12 weeks.

There many causes for sinusitis, such as infection, allergy and pollution. It is thought that viral infection is the most common cause of sinusitis.

Scientists say that sinus infection may go to the brain! Hence, if you have sinusitis, you must go to your doctor to make sure that your brain is intact.

Sinusitis is a common case in the U.S as the children get it about five times a year. Scientists say that sinusitis is a complication of a viral infection in the respiratory system.

How does the infection get to the brain?

Actually, this may occur in very rare cases, but there is a potentiality to occur. Recently, A boy aged 13 years from Michigan died when the chronic sinusitis reached his brain.

Although the doctors in emergency tried to save him, but he died after a few days. Unfortunately, the doctors discovered it after becoming too severe.

When the air sinuses are infected, especially with viral infection, have a depressed and weak immunity. So, the bacteria get a typical environment to persist and migrate to various places in the patient’s body.

Normally, the patient experience headache for about a single week, what is called “head cold”, as well as severe symptoms. At this stage, if the doctor does not prescribe antibiotics, the complications may be severe.

Simultaneously, the body tries to protect the brain from bacteria and prevent its passage from the blood brain barrier. The blood brain barrier is a semipermeable membrane which has the ability to select specific substances to pass through it and prevent the dangerous elements from reaching the brain.

In normal cases the pus collects in a space between the dura matter and the arachnoid matter.

In very rare cases, the bacteria pass through the blood brain barrier because the sinuses are very close to the brain.

So, it is recommended for patients who suffer from sinus infection or upper respiratory infections and noticed a severe headache or swellings on the face to go to the emergency.

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