Weight Loss Without Reasons

Many people suffer weight loss voluntarily because they disagree with their figure, but there is also the case of those who lose weight suddenly and seemingly without a reason. When this happens attention needs to be paid because it may be happening due to illness, depression or any other symptom, often unknown.

Diseases such as cancer, HIV, thyroid problems and depression can be one of the main causes of these weight losses.

Losing weight can happen in an unstable way, in the blink of an eye. Many people do not realize it until they see that their clothes start to become loose and they need to buy new clothes. You have to be alert to a situation of this magnitude if you lose more than 5% in a period less than six months must perform a medical checkup to verify that everything is fine or failure may be presenting a disease.

When it happens in this way is for involuntary reasons, it means that it has nothing to do with diets or medical interventions. In most cases you are able to detect sudden weight loss you should investigate the person’s body mass history and review that weight loss is evident. Involuntary weight loss occurs most of all in people over 40 years of age.
In medical consultations with these problems, most patients are young adults, 43-year-olds and also older adults, in adolescents, it is not common to see weight loss. However, not all escape from a possibility, because cases have been detected and are derived from sexually transmitted diseases or HIV.

In other people can occur due to problems of drug addiction, malnutrition, and hyperthyroidism, problems with food such as bulimia or anorexia.

Emotional and Labor Stress

Stress can be a determining factor in many cases of sudden weight loss, in these cases, there is no socioeconomic level, it can happen to anyone.

Stress through work, depression, emotional stress, lack of time and other causes that can cause it, the body can begin to experience disorders and can damage the muscle system causing it to lose muscle mass and thus start losing weight, too many may forget to eat.

When the person loses weight, on many occasions the percentages of fat increase, increasing heart diseases or hormonal problems. Be careful and perform the necessary medical check-ups to rule out any possible heart disease and control weight loss.

A depressed person keeps his brain with different ideas constantly and expends a lot of energy. Many times they do not have a nutritionist or doctor to go to and this can be a problem. In these cases, a person can lose up to three kilos per week, when it is normal to lose only one. To avoid possible sudden weight loss it is advisable to go to the doctor at least once a month.

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