What happens to us during stress moments

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What happens to us during stress momentsWhat happens to us during stress moments

Did you feel stressed before? The Answer is yes for sure but doesn’t worry this means that you are a normal person, all of us face stress moments and this may be for a lot of reasons.

Stress Reasons.

The most common reason for stress comes from our thoughts but there are some external reasons also like exams time and the surrounding environment.

Stress side effects on our bodies.

Do you have panic attacks when you are stressed?

Don’t worry your machine “body” designed to deal with stressful moments with some useful actions like releasing some hormones adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol this called “stress response”.

This affects to our actions in stressful moments but in a positive way by keeping us more attentive, and stay focused on our tasks.

After we pass this stress moments our bodies rebalanced again and feel relaxed that’s why we may feel tired after pass stress.

What the most thing your body needs during stressful moments?

Oxygen, we normally when we feel stressed we start to breathe harder to push more oxygen inside our body using our blood flow to distribute this oxygen to our body parts, for most of us this may be normal but with someone with asthma, this may cause a panic attack.

So we must try to manage our breath rate during stressful moments.

Can “stress response” hurt our bodies??

Yes, it can.

We mentioned that one of the released hormones is cortisol so if we have long stress moments it could affect inflammatory pathways.

Also, our bodies’ resistance against illness is reduced.


In stress moments our muscles are tensed or get stressed so if we experience long time stressed this may cause a tension headache.

At the stress moments itself, our blood pressure ate increases also our heartbeat rate and this may cause in the long term in damage to the blood vessels and arteries.

As well increase the chance of heart attack or stroke as well.

One of the most common negative side effects of longtime stress moments is the increasing of “glucose” ratio in our blood and this cause increasing the risk of getting diabetes especially when we change our eating habits with more or fewer amounts of food.

For men who pass long time stress moments, their productivity may decrease especially in the production of testosterone or sperm.

For women who pass long time stress moments also may experience some problems like changes in time of menstrual cycles.

Long stress effects our Minds

Some of us feel tired when they have stress also some other functions may be affected like concentration, attention, learning, and memory.

Stress and our daily habits.

We may suffer from sleepless nights if we experience long time stress moments and changing in eating habit with more or less rate than usual.

Some of us used to some harmful habits because of longtime stress moments like drinking alcohol or taking drugs to pass this hard moment but these habits are just an escape from stress moments, not an effective solution.

All that we need to do, Is to act correctly with the stressful moments in our lifetime so we can get over it with a minimum amount of loses and to keep our health maintained.

Finally remember the more you know about your enemy the more you can act or deal with it.


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