What is Micro-laser Frequency Comb From A Gold Particle?

micro-laser frequency comb

A frequency comb is a new era of micro-laser. It requires 1/1000 times power than the modern comb technology. The frequency comb can be achieved by adding gold particles on top of the micro-laser.

It was discovered by the USC Viterbi School of engineering. There will be additional wavelengths from the micro-laser after adding the gold particles.

What are frequency comb and its usage?

A Frequency comb is used to generate different types of lights along with different wavelengths. It is a device that can be used in GPS, cyber security device, and other toxic chemicals detection. It might take high watt input along with a large system. When it comes to the small system, it can be used in portable devices and applications.

The researchers have found that the gold frequency comb works on a basic science problem. They also discovered that this frequency comb could be used in chemicals to determine the presence of any toxic element. You can achieve the same work with 1000 times less power input.

How does it achieve?

  • You may have imagined the gold as wedding rings and other ornaments, but it also has some chemical use.
  • When gold is reduced to 1/1000000 times than the hair, then it will create new characteristics of the light wavelength.
  • Vinh Diep has explained the frequency comb. There will be innovative nonmaterial to solve the optic problems.

What is the role of gold?

Gold plays an important role such as nanorods in the light. It also increases the intensity of the light circulation. The high-intensity light will interact with the organic molecules of gold, and it will generate a different wavelength of light. This effect is also known and comb generation at lower power. The best part is that it is different from the traditional pulsed laser.

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Gold nanorods coating

A Ph.D. student has explained the role of gold in a frequency comb further. The frequency comb contains different types of emission wavelengths in a large wavelength range. When the gold coating is used on top of the traditional lights, there will be a comb with 300 nanorods of wavelength. However, it takes very less power compared to the traditional combs.

When it comes to frequency comb demonstration, it shows a strong potential for the application for developing a portable chemical system. There will be special chemical signals in a special wavelength. Apart from that, the light source should be accurate. The new frequency comb can be used to solve optic problems.

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