What kind of discoveries and finding is being made in the field of psychology?

Discoveries are very common in the field of psychology. The list is very big and thus, is one of the briefest yet interesting discoveries made in the field of psych. go through the list to know more about discoveries in the field of psychology.

Certain compounds of marijuana show potential for curing Alzheimer’s

The primary component of marijuana that is tetrahydrocannabinol along with a few other compounds can remove beta proteins from neurons. The toxin named Amyloid helps to reduce cellular inflammation in a patient’s brain. Studies show that it is effectively reducing the Alzheimer tendencies from suffering patients.

The full capacity of a brain is 10 times of what anyone has realized

The brains storage capacity is unimaginable. It is not even close to what we comprehend. The research about brain says that the capacity of the brain is even more than World Wide Web can store. The computing power of the brain is packed into the synapses, which are the junction point in between neutrons.

Painkillers can sometimes be very dangerous to chronic pain

The scientist did a study on lab rats. It showed that continuous morphine injections for five continuous days lead to more pain. The reason is it gets triggered by the pain signal generated from cells in the spinal cord and in the brain. It might cause numbness on the surface but deep below it is extending the time for which a patient suffers the pain.
Sugar dependency one of the worst habits

Research has shown that sugar dependency actually changes the brain controls on electrical signals that are either linked to pursuing or putting a brake on the pursuit of something. Sugar addiction is not due to appetite; instead, it is due to the changes brought about in the brain due to the exposure to this harmful chemical.

Depression and happiness both linked with genetics

Around 300,000 people from around 17 countries were studied upon this topic. The results show that the primary reason behind the well being is a handful of genetics, the feeling and thoughts we have about our life. The next step would be how could genetics help to put a stop to depression before it gets out of hand.

It is a matter of fact that the discoveries in this field will never stop. Moreover, psychology was not there years back, it is a recent topic thus, and these discoveries are only the beginning. There are much more to come in the future.

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