What To Do If You Have A Low Tension?

Having low blood pressure can (low tension) cause fainting, or the person to fall, in addition to many other things; How should one act in the face of a drop in blood pressure?2 min


Having low blood pressure can (low tension) cause fainting, or the person to fall, in addition to many other things; How should one act in the face of a drop in blood pressure?

First, let’s define what is the blood pressure, this is the pressure that our heart makes to make the blood emerge from the heart and go to the arteries and blood vessels to be distributed by each of the organs of the body.

Thanks to blood pressure, our body can receive the blood it needs to function as it should be, because the blood provides the oxygen and nutrients vital for proper functioning.

At the moment when the blood pressure fails, it means that the blood cannot be well pumped, and that it will not reach the rest of the body enough, that is, towards the organs, cells and structures of the organism.

What can affect the balance of blood pressure?

The strength and rate of pumping of the heart, the amount of fluid, the state of the vascular tree and salt are what maintain the balance of blood pressure in the body. Depending on all these factors you will have normal, high or low blood pressure.

There are other factors that can cause a voltage drop such as:

• Intense menstruation.
• Suffer from a stomach hemorrhage.
• Alteration of hormones involved in the regulation of sodium.
• Suffer from gastroenteritis.

In addition, anything that involves dehydration, instability of body sodium, intense heat or pumping changes in the heart can generate this decrease in blood pressure.


What happens when there is a drop in pressure?

First, that everything must be known that there are certain situations that favor a tensional decrease. For example, if we are in a room or space with very high temperatures and high humidity, it is likely that the pressure drops.

In addition, if a considerable physical effort is made that makes our body regulation mechanisms incapable of regulating blood pressure, it is normal for blood pressure to drop.

In hot places it is possible that a low voltage is given, because in the body a peripheral vasodilatation takes place to try to take more blood to the subcutaneous vascular zone and thus help in the thermal dispersion.

What we can do in the face of a drop in pressure

In the event of a low voltage, it is best for the person to be stretched to allow the blood to reach the brain and to be oxygenated. It is best when a support is placed on the feet so that they are elevated a little (preferably at about 45 °) so that the blood can reach the brain more easily.

If the person is not aware of all the best is to place it on its side, thus avoid avoid suffocation with the tongue and allow the air to enter more easily.

However, If we notice that there has been no fading and the person only presents dizziness, he should be seated immediately, in case this action does not make the symptoms disappear, it is best to go to bed.

anyone should sleep on his side to avoid choking with vomit in case of recurrence, If  he has suffered a low blood pressure has nausea, 

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