Why Cockroaches Are Invincible?

Cockroaches are so many on this planet. There are stories about their lives since they seem to be immortal. They can also survive from the effects of radiation.

There is a myth says that they will be the only creatures on Earth after a nuclear war. So, Chinese scientists try to know the secret behind these immortal cockroaches.

The new study in China

Amazingly, they can live for a month without eating any food. Also. They tolerate the nuclear radiation 8 to 15 times more than any other species, including humans.

Sheng Li, researcher at university of Guangzhou in China, and other researchers have studied the DNA of American cockroach. They found a set of genes expanded on its DNA, which enables it smell the food especially fermented one. Additionally, they are invincible against toxic substances since their immune system is very powerful.

The researchers said in a paper published in Nature Communications, “Our genomic and functional analyses in the American cockroach provided insights into its success in the adaptation to urban environments and the biology,”

Simply, they exist in almost all places since they are not invulnerable and their rate of reproduction is very high, they are incredible animals. Also, they have more than five hundred taste buds so that they could eat a varied diet.

The researchers found other interesting genes in their DNA. These genes are responsible for renewal of the lost limbs. So, there were no regeneration of any lost parts after removal of two specific genes from the DNA of the cockroaches.

“We are currently investigating whether there is a ‘growth factor’ connecting leg regeneration in the American cockroach to its ethanol extract that is used for wound healing and tissue repair in humans,” the researchers said.

Are cockroaches really invincible?

After all mentioned abilities of these amazing insects, you may think that they are immortal. But actually, they are threatened by global warming like the other animals.

Nowadays, Chinese scientists are trying to know more about these creatures. In China, they extract ethanol from cockroaches to be used in healing wounds and repairing the destructed tissue.

So, they seem to be invincible, however, they are not.

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