Why is it Important to be fit?

It is curious how in the society that we live today, obesity is the number one problem that most countries of the first world embrace in these modern days. However, being fit is very important to keep your health.

Before, people were more careful about what they eat and the amount of exercise they do weekly. But now the new era has shown that technology is making our life’s easier, but is making us more lazy, too.

The recent studies 

Studies made in North America, Spain and France, show that most people are now suffering of obesity a lot more than ten years ago.

This is because now most of the people prefer to work and socialize from home with the help of the internet, and are less motivated to go out, take a walk or do some exercise, especially once they have jobs and feel comfort in no needing a healthy body to do the daily activities in their life’s.

Of course, this is only an average of the population in those areas and countries. But it is going to be a serious problem in the future, if people don’t take conscious of the damage and problems they’re doing to their bodies for their futures.

The dangers of not being fit

Just in the U.S. People suffering from heart attacks, problems with circulation and breathing anomalies increased 25% compared to past years, that according to the doctors.

It’s because most people now don’t go out like before and prefer to eat every fast food they can. Instead of cooking themselves a healthy meal that together with the lack of corrective exercise, produce a population growing in obesity and all the problems that come with it.

Most of the people don’t see the consequences of the obesity until is too late and rather prefer to live their lives without thinking of the danger of being overweight. But this is actually the first thing they must change, people need to understand that being overweight is not good for the body and is shorting their life’s in lots of ways.

It is hard to believe, but most people are now dying from this overweight problem than other diseases, and not because overweight is a disease or anything like that, but is an open window and free road to create a hard time in the home that is your body.

Being in the correct weight doesn’t require a full routine or time of your life. You just need to makes simple changes. But the most important one is that you decide to be in the weight that your body feels good for you.

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