Why study the career of computer science?

The computer science career refers to a set of disciplines that are responsible for the functions of computing, for example Mathematical fundamentals (Cryptography: References to algorithms that help protect private data; the formal analysis of the data types and the use that they have to understand the properties and security of the programs),

the languages of programming (Programming languages Theory: It refers to the formal languages to express algorithms and the properties of those languages; compilers: It refers to how to translate computer programs from high-level languages, to low-level languages).
Computer science has specific branches, such as computer graphics, artificial intelligence, bioinformatics and ubiquitous computing, among others. Usually, knowledge about computer science encompasses the study of algorithmic systems with which information can be described and transformed; this is based on theory, analysis, efficiency, implementation, and application.

Why Choose Career Computer Science

If you consider yourself a methodical person, who cares about the details of things and is patient, if you are a person who is curious about mathematics, a person who is interested in research and also for technology, if you are he is interested in the sciences and has the ability to solve problems, to understand and to manage mathematical language, he has the ability to make mathematical abstractions and develop logical-deductive thinking;

if you are a person who possesses organization, synthesis, and analysis skills, career computer science may be a good choice for your life.
Before choosing the computer science career, consider some of the subjects that may be part of your curriculum, for example: Calculus, Algebra, Probability and Statistics, Analytical Geometry, Introduction to Computation, Discrete Mathematics, Programming , data structure and algorithms, databases, file organization, software engineering, operating systems and networks, simulation, compiler design and construction, computation logic, computability and complexity, computer planning, digital systems design, expert systems , robotics, cognitive science, computer science, artificial intelligence, and English, among others.

Tasks of Computer Science

The tasks that you will be able to do if you choose the career of computer science as a life option are the following: Create mathematical and computational models that help manage and control problems of a technological nature or problems of a scientific nature, in fields such as: meteorological, marine, mining and climatological, among others.

You can perform the analysis, design, implementation, maintenance, and audit of information systems; you will be able to be part of the direction of Computing Centers in the area in charge of developing systems, likewise you will be able to direct research work in the academic centers or in the institutions of public/official or private court, in the area of computer’s science.

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